Equity & Inclusion Survey

The Texas State NAACP has developed a new initiative for corporations in Texas. The initiative focuses on

the elimination of race-based discrimination and systemic racism. We are asking corporations to complete a

brief survey which will help us determine your level of commitment to equity for African-Americans.


In light of the recent surge and record-splitting numbers of  coronavirus cases in Texas, which in the week of July 8 hit over 10,000 new daily cases reported (and hospitalizations doubling), we need the help of our medical community, corporations and others to maintain and expand this effort.

texas accomplishments

The Texas NAACP’s legal position that voters with underlying health/medical conditions and health histories regarding COVID-19 be legally permitted to obtain absentee ballots, and therefore vote absentee, was affirmed by the Texas Supreme Court. (May, 2020)

From Houston Chronicle (May 28, 2020): In summation, wrote Chief Justice Nathan Hecht: “We agree, of course, that a voter can take into consideration aspects of his health and his health history that are physical conditions in deciding whether, under the circumstances, to apply to vote by mail because of disability. We disagree that lack of immunity, by itself, is one of them. As we have said, the decision to apply to vote by mail based on a disability is the voter’s, subject to a correct understanding of the statutory definition of ‘disability.’” Three concurring opinions by various justices quibbled over the precise meaning of "physical condition," with much hemming and hawing over dictionary

definitions, but finally concurred with the unanimous opinion signed by Chief Justice Hecht.