• Helped lead efforts to persuade Texas Supreme Court to make underlying conditions to Covid as a basis for obtaining absentee ballot

  • Held town halls to educate community about truth about Covid and how best to handle

  • Held town hall with Congresswoman Jackson Lee on bills passed by Congress

  • Held town hall with Congressman Green to educate community about and businesses about PPP program

  • Successfully fought discriminatory redistricting maps for the State House and Congress, parts of case still pending

  • Successfully four discriminatory vote ID bill, parts of case still pending

  • Successfully fought Secretary of State involving their desire to turn over confidential and private voting information to the Kobach Commission

  • Fighting Governor’s decision to force judges deny personal bond to persons who may be innocent of crimes with which they are charged with committing

  • For a Decade we have been declared by National as having best youth and college division in nation

  • Youth and College Division volunteered to help clean up Houston after Hurricane Harvey

  • Successfully fought law that would have have limited number of persons that one individual may transport to polls

  • Passed resolution asking National to consider Congressman Green’s bill that will provide for a reconciliation commission

  • Organizing  virtual unity initiative with LULAC  and National Urban League on police reforms and fighting racism

  • Worked with SBOE Members Aicha Davis, Georgina Perez, Senator West, and other Academics to gain adoption of new African-American history curriculum FJ or Texas Public Schools


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